The Eye
Adelaide Festival (2000), Livid Festival Brisbane (2000), NORPA Lismore (1999)

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A contemporary and uniquely Australian tale that draws on themes and imagery of both Euripides The Cyclops and Homer’s epic The Odyssey, The Eye was a site specific outdoor production combining physical comedy with large scale machinery. Via the genre of dramatic spectacle, The Eye presents a reflection on reality TV, the domination of the media, and the inevitable bloodshed in an odyssey of the media superhighway. The show’s spectacular design was the result of collaboration with French theatre company Monique.

The characters of The Sheep that evolved in The Eye went on to develop a separate artistic life as a peripatetic performance, appearing at numerous events such as The Lord Mayors Ball at the Sydney Opera House, 25th anniversary of Performance Space and The Box Set at Livid Festival.

Director Carlos Gomes
Designers Carlos Gomes, Michael Cohen, Henry Gallot Lavallee, Sophie Deck (Monique) and Joey Ruigrok
Special Effects Designer Vincent Athea (Monique)
Costume Designer Imogen Ross
Composer Peter Winkler
Video Production Matt Bisson, Paul Stanley
Performers/Devisors Adam Broinowski, Michael Cohen, Anna Rose de Jong, Drew Fairley, Annette Madden, Chris Murphy, Dominique Sweeney, Katia Molino

The Eye is a sensorial feast, Lavish and stunning. Engines roar, flames blaze.
DB Magazine, Adelaide

Great fun
Adelaide Gay Times

Physically adroit and spatially inventive and rampant theatricality
Real Time

This project was supported by Arts NSW and the Australia Council for the Arts.