The Box Set
SOPA (2003) & Live Bait Festival (2004)

kantanka Sheep strip promo

Theatre Kantanka and The Performance Space worked together to curate and produce a season of short works called The Boxed Set. Performed in and around a shipping container converted into a stage, the work showcased the work of a selection of Sydney s most innovative contemporary performance groups."

Curatorium Theatre Kantanka
Fiona Winning, Performance Space
Project Manager Harley Stumm
Lighting Design Neil Simpson
Production Manager Damian Leonard
Frumpus Cheryle Moore, Sue Kyle, Laurie Kilfoyle, Janine Garrier, Julie Vulcan
Gravity Feed Ari Ehrlich, Tim Rushton, Alan Schacher, Olivier Sidore, Jeff Stein, William McClure
Julie-Anne Long & Samuel James
My Darling Patricia Bridget Dolan, Clare Britton, Halcyon Macleod, Katrina Gill
Theatre Kantanka Carlos Gomes, Annette Madden, Chris Murphy, Katia Molino

we finally had an event with ambition, scale and skill to spare. Boxed Set is the best work I have seen. It represents the most hopeful future for the alternative festival, combining open vision and vibrant but effective direction
Stephen Dunne SMH

This project was supported by Arts NSW and the Australia Council for the Arts.