Bondi Pavilion (1995), Carnivale Festival (1996)

kantanka AveAves promo direct by Carlos Gomes more photos

The Birds of Aristophanes with its issues about city planning, and the manoeuvring of politicians, provided the basis for Kantanka s first theatrical event. The company advertised for performers at the Pavilion and very quickly received responses from a diverse range of artists, among them a Tahitian singer, a Japanese backpacker, Greek and French actors, young sculptors from the National Arts school and Koto player, Sasaki. This disparate ensemble helped create AveAves. The show was performed in the outdoor arena of Sydney s Bondi Pavilion and included 25 performers, a ton of mulch, a post bike, roller doors, flaming metal sculptures and a Holden commodore in the re interpretation of an ancient Greek tale.

Director Carlos Gomes
Designers Carlos Gomes and Michael Cohen
Sound Artist/Composer Peter Winkler
Koto player Satsuki Odamura
Lighting Design Orli Zahava
Sculptors Andy Kennedy, Rebeka Marosszky, Paul Milman, Alex Redshaw and Hui Setwood Writer Michael Cohen
Performers Michael Cohen, Janine Garrier, Chris Murphy, Nick Meenahan, Michael Kazonis, Annette Bass, Michelle Boukheris, Hiroaki Inoue, Catriona Macrae, Natalie Park, Mandy Sebastio Ong, Gillian Summers and Anne Kathrin Wetzel
Photography Penny Fowler-Smith and Sarah Goffman

a visual delight
Colin Rose SMH

physically adroit and spatially inventive, Kantanka shows great potential
Keith Gallasch, REAL TIME

This project was supported by Arts NSW and the Australia Council for the Arts, Warverley Council, Carnivale and The Australia-Japan Foundation