kantanka promo direct by Carlos Gomes

Founded in 1995 by Michael Cohen, Carlos Gomes and Chris Murphy, Theatre Kantanka is a project-based arts company located in Sydney. Since its inception Kantanka has developed performances for sites that do not traditionally stage theatre productions (carparks, gaols, tunnels, gardens and film sets). Kantanka researches the micro-universes and the inhabitants that make up the city, creating performances that spot-light the untold stories embedded in the cityscape. Kantanka creates small to medium scale performances.

Kantanka operates with a core creative team that expands to incorporate the talents of visiting artists who collaborate on a project by project basis. Since Kantanka’s inception, the ensemble company has created a number of significant works - fusing ancient tales, diverse cultural influences, and non-traditional performance sites, while employing a dynamic visual design and a strong physical aesthetic.


Explore the creative possibilities of cross-cultural theatre works.

Develop our practice of visual poetics through collaborations with interdisciplinary artists.

Present performance in sites not traditionally used for theatre.

Establish creative relationships with the diverse social groupings that form our society, echoing the real world within the fictional world of performance.

Engage with diverse audiences.

physically adroit and spatially inventive, Kantanka shows great potential

a visual delight